skyfort1skyfort2Windtech Consultants carried out the wind tunnel testing for Sky Fort located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The landmark project which is a 40-storey, 202 metre high-rise office tower. Wind studies carried out by Windtech for Sky Fort included a wind-induced structural loads & building motion study and a façade cladding pressure study.
To perform the above mentioned studies, Windtech conducted a detailed wind climate analysis for the Sofia region, with the High-Frequency Force Balance technique used to measure the wind loads on the structure. Due to several other proposed developments yet to commence construction in close proximity, the study was performed with both existing surrounding buildings and proposed nearby developments to determine the worse-case scenario for the design wind loads. The effect of the rounded corners of the tower, and the tapered shape of the top third of the tower, the wind tunnel study indicated the peak base moments would be lower than those predicted by the various wind codes. The results for the peak building accelerations and rotational velocities indicated suitable levels of occupant comfort would be satisfied.
The results of the façade cladding pressure study undertaken by Windtech provided the most accurate estimate of the wind pressures on the glazing and other light-cladding of the entire envelope of Sky Fort. The minimised the overdesign of the façade cladding and associated fixings.Once completed, Sky Fort will be the tallest building in Bulgaria and one of the few buildings in South East Europe which reaches 200 metres.