Fort Cambridge, Malta

The Fort Cambridge apartment development is located on the Sliema Tigne Peninsula in Malta. The development consist of 380 residential apartments overlooking all aspects of the peninsula. Large expansive garden areas are located around the old battery building that once occupied the site.

Detailed wind tunnel testing was carried out to accurately measure the wind loads acting on the facade cladding of the various buildings of the development. The study accurately accounted for the topographical effects associated with the sites location, as well accounting for the exposure to the Mediterranean Sea. The net facade pressures were derived using Windtech’s risk analysis approach to account for the probability of the critical combination of windows and doors being open in the event of an extreme wind event.

A Pedestrian Wind Environment Study was carried out to ensure wind conditions within and around the development were suitable for the intended uses by patrons and their guests. This included undertaking a detailed wind climate analysis of the meteorological data from Malta International Airport to determine the reference wind speeds and directional frequency for the site.