The Americas

1865 Broadway, New York

The Americas Luxury Residential Site, Wind Testing.

Avalon Bay, in conjunction with lead architectural designers Skidmore, Owings & Merril (SOM), developed a high-end residential complex for 1865 Broadway in New York, to replace the old American Bible Society building.

Windtech Consultants, working under SOM, carried out the wind tunnel testing to accurately determine the overall structural response caused by the interaction of the buildings design with wind effects, design wind loads for the façade cladding. Testing was also carried out to determine the pedestrian wind environment comfort, and pollution dispersion for air quality utilising a highly accurate scale model in the wind tunnel. Analysis was also carried out to determine the potential for thermal stack effect within the subject building.

The development is designed to stand 33 storey’s high, and will house a total of 160 units and apartments. SOM have also devised to reconfigure and perpendicularly extend upon the original American Bible Society building, offering a relatively simple envelope, with an exterior composed of glass and masonry. This will strongly correlate with other buildings in its surrounding vicinity