Wind Loads on Stadiums and Long-span Roofs

WINDTECH utilises the load response correlation technique devised by Dr John Holmes and Dr Micheal Kasperski for the study of wind loads on long-span roof structures. This is a state of the art approach to the study of wind effects on these types of structures. An example of a project that was investigated by WINDTECH using this technique is the roof structure of the Nanjing Stadium (the main component of the China Games, 2005).

The advantage of this technique is that it can provide detailed information on the stresses, displacements, moments and reaction forces within the main structural elements pertaining to the structure. The close monitoring of these quantities for the key elements helps to determine an accurate set of load cases for the design of the overall structure.

The effect of this technique is that the structure tends to be far more efficient and robust than if it were designed based on other traditional techniques. This also tends to result in significant cost benefits.